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This website is set up for the people who love Errol Flynn, my father. It is his fans that inspired this site. Errol Flynn made millions of people happy in his lifetime and long after. His films are timeless. His short life was filled to the brim. It is my heritage and my pleasure to keep his image and name alive for those who still love him. This is a tribute to my father, the family man, who gave us kids such joy, memories and inspiration throughout our lifetime. Let the adventures of Errol Flynn become legend. and may the man rest in peace. -- Rory Flynn

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Errol Flynn

In his lifetime, Errol Flynn received no recognition from his peers at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. He never attended a ceremony in his honor and was not nominated. Could be that his screen persona, the swashbuckler, the rake, stuck to him too well? Yet in his career he defined a male archetype and forever set his mark on movie maleness, in fact, created a constellation of manly virtues that even today is the stuff of dreams. It's time to bring the black sheep home. Long regarded as the prodigal son of Hollywood, with his real-life adventures, scrapes and insubordination, Errol Flynn lived every man's dream of a full life and found himself typecast. As an actor, Flynn built the foundation for characters later elaborated by Mel Gibson, Arnold Schwarznegger, Harrison Ford or Kevin Costner. Flynn was the granddad of action heroes who came in with talking pictures, ushering in the era of action-adventure movies beloved of film buffs throughout the 20th century. He defined the swashbuckling heroic type invented in that era. While in the early years of silent pictures Douglas Fairbanks held sway as the man of filmic dreams, once the talkies arrived, Flynn was in the forefront of the action heroes' brotherhood. Flynn made movies, did his own stunts, lived his life, thumbed his nose at studio rules, left Jack Warner fuming in his Burbank office suite and went off to sea. Flynn had many interests, including writing and politics, which toward the end of his life in the late 1950s had him filming in Cuba, making him persona non grata in conservative Hollywood. Careers in the film business ebb and flow.Unfortunately, Flynn did not have a chance to make a comeback late in his career, but died at age 50 of a heart attack. Yet he did have a good run: fifty-three films, some for Jack Warner, others contracted out to MGM, across from great female players such as Olivia De Haviland, Maureen O'Hara, Bette Davis, Greer Garson and others.

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Starring Sean Flynn in his first dramatic role
Hatfields and McCoys - Bad Blood
Errol would be quite proud of his grandson ... also you can watch it on your computer by downloading it from Amazon.
The title is "Bad Blood (Hatfields and McCoy's). Director Fred Olen Ray.

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